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During that period the Church of England was formally established.

The Baltimore Museum of Art, Walters Art Museum, Maryland Historical Society, National Aquarium, U. sloop of war , Maryland Science Center, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum, Baltimore Streetcar Museum, and Baltimore Museum of Industry are supplemented by galleries and display centres elsewhere, as well as by fairs and festivals.

Maryland nonetheless remained a haven for dissidents from sectarian rigidity in other colonies.

By the 1660s the Protestant majority in Maryland came to resent the colony’s Roman Catholic leadership in St. As the population centre shifted to the north and west, the capital was moved to Protestant-dominated Anne Arundel Town (now Annapolis) in 1694. Maryland’s dominant “country party” early resisted British efforts to make the colonies bear more of the costs of government.

The first governor of the proprietary colony, Leonard Calvert, the younger brother of Cecilius, landed the founding expedition on St. Aware of the mistakes made by Virginia’s first colonists, Maryland’s settlers, rather than hunt for gold, made peace with the local Native Americans and established farms and trading posts, at first on the shores and islands of the lower Chesapeake.

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Clements Island in the lower Potomac in March 1634. The field hands included indentured labourers working off the terms of their passage and, after about 1639, African slaves. Roads and towns were few, and contact with the English-model manor houses was largely by water.Baltimore has a professional baseball team, the Orioles, and gridiron football team, the Ravens.Restaurants present a plethora of cuisines, but the traditional gastronomy of Maryland tends to be centred on terrapin soup, steamed crabs, padded oysters (fried oyster patties), fish and crab cakes, and beaten biscuits (Southern-style unleavened biscuits), often accompanied by Maryland rye and beer.This culture continued into the period of European settlement.