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01-Dec-2019 12:12

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The project delivery needed to be seamless due to the c...

This included a migration from an analog to a digital platform, a control room refit & new design layout.

If you then try and print what you see, it sometimes leads to disappointment Why?

Calibration Read more Site Lock Down with Commend - Why?

" In these scenarios, there is a primary actor (the ATM customer; the registration clerk) who has a goal (withdraw money out of his/her bank account; enter a new person into the system).

There are a variety of situations that could occur during these activities - the use case collects them into one place.

Check Your Security is the first partner to commit to a Commend lead information campaign to highlight to existing and potential customers the benefit of utitising Commend IP Intercom to orchestrate and manage site Lock down procedures.