Usaa mint not updating

31-Jan-2020 16:29

“We give them a solution to track everything and help them with their day-to-day finances,” so they can avoid late fees and other hazards.

And so far, consumers and mobile-industry observers are loving it.

The startup also offers a credit score reporting service called Pageonce Credit Guard for .99 a month.

Pageonce shows the balance on investment accounts such as your 401(k) or IRA, and how your holdings break down within those accounts.It shows your total cash and investment account balances, the amount you owe on your credit cards, and alerts about things like large bank or credit transactions.You can also dive deeper into each area, and check the balances of your individual checking, savings, and credit accounts.The trouble, for me, began about 18 months after the Intuit acquisition, when the team decided to stop using Yodlee as their data provider and switch to Intuit’s own back end.

The reasoning behind the change was understandable, but for users, it was a huge pain.

That’s a much better showing than the latest version of, which gets three stars.