Vraymtl unhandled exception updating material

13-Sep-2019 03:17

Overlap threshold - this determines when outlines will be created for overlapping parts of one and the same object.

VRay Shadow A raytraced shadow plugin (sharp and area shadows) VRay Dirt A procedural texture that can be used for dirt-like effects or for simulating ambient occlusion.

VRay Color A utility texture that always returns a specified color.

VRay Map A map for adding (glossy) V-Ray reflections/refractions to non-V-Ray materials VRay HDRI A map for loading HDR images (file extension) and mapping them as environments VRay Edges Tex A map that shows mesh edges (useful for wireframe-style rendering).

VRay Toon An atmospheric plugin that produces simple cartoon-style effect.

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VRay Bmp Filter A plugin for loading texture maps without filtering.Distortion map - a texture that will be used to distort the outlines.This works similar to bump-mapping and will take the gradient of the texture as direction for distortion.Do reflections/refractons - this will cause the outlines to appear in reflections/refractions as well. Trace bias - this parameter depends on the scale of your scene, it determines the ray bias when the outlines are traced in reflections/refractions. Maps with World XYZ mapping are also supported, but may not work very well.