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3.]On request of a person who submits a forest stewardship plan for approval, the minister may balance established objectives, results, strategies or other plan content when making a determination under section 16 The following are the prescribed circumstances, referred to in section 20 (1) of the Act, in which an approval is required to amend a forest stewardship plan, despite a determination under that provision: a change to the regeneration date, free growing date, free growing height or stocking standards that apply to an area in a manner that would be a significant departure from that originally approved in the plan; An amendment under section 20 (1) of the Act that does not require the approval of the minister takes effect on the date a copy of it is provided to the district manager in accordance with section 20 (2) of the Act.[en.

26.]Under section 20 (3) of the Act, if after giving the holder of a forest stewardship plan who made a determination under section 20 (1) of the Act an opportunity to be heard, the minister determines that the holder's determination was wrongly made, the minister may The holder of a forest stewardship plan referred to in subsection (1) does not contravene the Act or this regulation by carrying out, before the minister makes a determination under subsection (1), operations that are not authorized in the absence of the amendment if the holder establishes that the holder had reason to believethat the amendment would have been approved under section 16 (1) of the Act, had the amendment been properly submitted for approval.[en.

3.]An agreement holder and the timber sales manager may cut, damage or destroy Crown timber as necessary for the purpose of carrying out silviculture treatments, stand tending treatments or forest health treatments.

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Except for minor clearing of brush and downed trees, subsection (2) does not permit cutting, damaging or destroying Crown timber beyond the minimum necessary for the safety of persons carrying out the activities.[am. 31.]If an authorized person constructs a road, a temporary access structure or a permanent access structure on an area, the person must maintain natural surface drainage patterns on the area both during and after construction. Unless an alternative is approved under subsection (6), a person who plants trees while establishing a free growing stand must use only seed registered, stored, selected and transferred in accordance with the standards, if any, established by the chief forester. 4.] as an area which may not contain a targeted pine leading stand for the purposes of paragraph (c) (ii) of the definition of "targeted pine leading stand",if satisfied that the designation is appropriate having regard to the allowable annual cut determination for the area. A person who harvests timber for the reasons referred to in subsection (3) (h) and (i) must ensure that, for a period of 12 months after completion of harvest, the area on which timber harvesting was carried out conforms to the stocking standards specified in section 16 (4) for the area.[am. of the Act if the chief forester considers such standards to be necessary or appropriate for the purpose of regulating the use, registration, storage, selection or transfer of seed to be used in the establishment of free growing stands. of the Act, the holder must establish, on the area on which the contravention occurred, a stand that meets the requirements specified in the holder's forest stewardship plan for an area with similar attributes, as if the area on which the contravention occurred had been identified under section 16 (1) as being subject to this section. The minister must consider the matters set out in section 26 (4) when making a decision respecting the specifications described in subsection (3) (b) (i).[en. If the minister determines that it is not practicable, given the circumstances or conditions applicable to a particular area, for the person otherwise required to do so, to specify a result or strategy consistent with an established objective for that area, the minister must exempt the person from that requirement in relation to that area.

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