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Some of the family vaults built under the stone houses show strong Mycenaean influence.Mycenaean and Cypriot pottery in great amounts has also been found.The flint industry was then in competition with the first metal tools, made of copper.The Early Bronze Age (3rd millennium) layers, immediately above, in level III, yielded no more painted ware but various monochromatic burnished wares and some red polished ware of Anatolian origin.Despite Egyptian influence, Ugaritic art exhibits a Syrian style of its own. The excavations continue, and each season throws some new and often unexpected light on the ancient north Canaanite civilization.

The three lowest levels have been subdivided into smaller layers.With Early Bronze Age III, metallurgy quickly developed.In the Middle Bronze Age, newcomers, so-called Torque-Bearers, expert in bronze metallurgy, arrived (c.Ugarit, ancient city lying in a large artificial mound called Ras Shamra (Raʾs Shamrah), 6 miles (10 km) north of Latakia (Al-Lādhiqīyah) on the Mediterranean coast of northern Syria.