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I found myself skimming over majority of the scenes. Nah, honestly you get such a nice peaceful feeling after watching the romance between the main characters~~~ Aigoo~~~~~ too nice ^.^!! :( i wish they would extent it( and i know it is not possible) but anyway hoping for a very happy ending... However Chae Soo Bin (soo ah) is actually SUCH a good actress, i mean think about it. Amma right or amma right EPISODE 9: I really don't like kwon so ah... Don't know what the PDnims are trying to do cause my feels and shipping just can't take this man! The ending of ep 8 was kinda beautiful too seriously. ) I'm kinda new to the cast (tho I knew Eunji by name).

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I watched this drama because my friends recomended to me and im glad that it's not dissapoint me. Wow eunji is as expected to be really great in this drama. I spent one day to finish all the 10 episodes few days ago and while waiting for the last two episodes I rewatch the drama from first episode to tenth episode. @lia, I'm sorry, since when did only praise comments became acceptable? For me, i think this drama is good enough for me and i support it I liked this drama. Most school dramas usually have at least a few bullies.I don't usually miss a kdrama this much, but I really miss this kdrama alot with my wholeheart. Those three and also Ji Soo will go really far in the industry: D Finished watching this drama. this is absolutely one of my top 10 korean dramas this year. this writer has made an amazing plot with just 12 episodes. The chemistry between actors and actresses were superb and fantastic!! Eunji unnie,saranghae I just finished Oh My Ghost and it was such a wonderful drama but now I'm stuck between two drama's to watch I Remember You and this!Its not the typical school drama that you see where it revolves around love stories, this drama focusses more on friendship and i think that's what make the drama so great. too bad that it has to be shortened into 12 eps only. Loved loved loved this drama one of the best high school drama ever short and sweet jus dont know y it has no ratings at all but still highly recommended to watch the drama u wont regret watching it hwittiiinng!!!! It took me 2 days to finished it & it's going to take WEEKS for me to move on from this Daebak drama. The cast was brilliant while others were fan girling hard over kim yeol i found myself loving dong jae! #Best Friend Goals I loved them/ their characters were adorable. i still don't care this drama is over, I ship my gummy bear couple all the way! going by the comments on this page I think I'll check this one out y'all seem to recommend it!how could someone not fall in love with kim yeol when everytime he shows up, he always throws that beautiful and oh-so-cute eye smile. though there's nothing really special about it (what do you expect from a high school themed kdrama, anyway), but it's just toooo likeable. I wished it could be longer but I guess we cant request too much! It's not like they cut it short, since beginning (before it begins) they originally plan to make this 12 episodes drama. His smile was so gut-wrechingly cute and now he is my absolute bias!

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I love how this drama brings up educational problem and blend it with the other school life aspect. Though it didn't have high ratings, it was still really popular internationally. Even though it has low rating in Korea, it's popular for international fans ^^ loved this drama so much I watched it over and over again. The ending was a bit rushed but otherwise lovely drama. : D i can say this is one of the best school-drama for 2015 so far I think this cutie kdrma has the most satisfying finale ever! I dont know why it has such low ratings but this drama really rocks.starting to end it didnt let me bored for even a minute. ^_^ Ha-Joon (whom I fell in love with in Angry Mom) was absolutely over-the-top GREAT ACTING. Brotherhood and friendship is definitely protrayed in this drama.

In the beginning (first 2 ep's) I felt really bored with those teachers, the color of the drama and also the feeling of the similarities between this drama and Dream High 1 ( Kang Yeon Do reminds me of Suzy= Ko Hyemi ) that's why I was just like "ohhh noooo why do they copy dream high...??? Also, Kang Yeon Do, her actions are not like in most dramas "you hit me, I hit you too" she doesn't answer with a revenge, no, she is angry, but she'd never do something to hurt somebody, although she gets hurt by Soo-A. I just wish this drama gets more ratings.is already ending and i wish it affected a lot of people and made them think what they are pressuring their children into..need to study and be happy at the same time.. That Soo Ah needs a reality check across her face right this minute! Once I started watching this drama, I just can't stop! Now, I am getting worried abt what will happen along with the four episodes left. Anyway, let's (international viewers) keep supporting this series!!!! the reason i saw this drama because i've been waiting fo won geun drama since his role in the moon, and eunji actually because of her incredibles acting, when the 1st episode of this drama airing, i really, really ship yeon doo and kim yeol, both have a great chemistry, but since ha joon took a long shoot on the screen, my direction stuck in him, and i got mad everytime i saw him with kang yeon do together..

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