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And John, suniamed the Bald, the son of the first Reginald, the brother of Donald, the Lord of 18 HIGHLAND PAPERS he Isles, was forced to go likewise for Ireland, of whom are descended the Macdonalds of Tireoin.O'Neill gave him a portion of land called Crock-Conight then ; for other services he procvired other lands, and the proportion of Clancairnice in the county of Armagh./^^Aujf ilc Jtl X^ PUBLICATIONS OF THE SCOTTISH HISTORY SOCIETY SECOND SERIES VOL. I May 1914 HIGHLAND PAPERS VOLUi Al E I Edited by J. Macdougall being informed of this by the spy, left the country that same night, but continued always to molest Macdonald and the family of Ardnamurchan, for Angus the son of Ranald was killed by an arrow at Dunelike, of whom descended the family of the Robertson;^ . INIacdonald desired him to ask his master when he would see him, if the little black horse would overtake the great red horse, for himself was black, and Macdougall red-haired.16 HIGHLAND PAPERS fined prisoner in tlie castle of Dundonald, where lie died./ They granted Castle-Swin and all his lands to his brother, Angus of the Isles, Avho went with five thousand men to assist Bruce against the English in the battle of Bannock- burn, where he behaved himself most faithfully.

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It happened one day as he and other twelve men were keeping the stores and cattle of the friars there, they fell a planning, and judged that one of their company deserved death.

He was killed by the Earl of Ross, which was a great hinderance to that expedition.^ In the mean- time, Angus Ogg, being yet a minor, who steps in uncalled for, but Duncan, the son of Angus, the son of the first Reginald, of whom descended the lairds of Struan, of this Duncan descended the Robertsons, called by the ancient Scots Clan-Dunchi.2 This man ruled the Isles for three years at pleasure, but had no right thereto, his father being a natural son of the first Reginald.

But Ewan Roy Mac- Fingon, gathering all those that were faithful to Angus Ogg, chased Duncan out of the Isles, and killed the rest of his followers.

Being intimate with King David, he purchased some of ]\Iacleod's rights from the King.

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More- over, he took upon him the sole government of the Isles for nine years, and banished the sons of Alexander, Thane of Argyle, the son of Donald, Lord of the Isles, whom before we told died a captive in Dundonald, [viz.] Hector, and his son Sommerled, and Isaac, whom they aim at in pronouncing the word Scipio, of whom descended the IMacdonalds in Connaught, Munster and Leinster, to the number of nine septs, who procured for themselves the being aad estate of Squires, till they lost all in Queen Elizabeth's time.Isla and Mull were allotted to Reginald ; to Sommerled was allotted Argyle and Knapdale ; to Gillies, Kintyre ; besides, John resigned all his right of the Isles to his cousin german, Donald aforesaid.Lord of the Isles, when he supplied him with men to recover Ardnamurchan from the Muchdanachs ; and, besides, before this time, Donald, Lord of the Isles, procured his rights from the King of Denmark, Donald granted him then the stewartry of the Isles.The boy was brought up by ]\Iacdonald, who, in process of time, procured a competent estate for him in the Braes of Lochaber, and in the Braes of INIurray.