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I could just hear it in my head: ‘Well, you got a little big for your britches, did ya?

’”Kate didn’t have a day of design training, and she had not been artistic as a child—“Students were pulled aside to spend more time in art class,” she says, “and I wasn’t one of them.” But she did have a distinctive personal style (she’s been likened to both Audrey Hepburn and Katharine Hepburn, and is right in between), and she’d studied the accessories market for years.

It’s a wonderful positioning.”Kate and Andy both had childhoods in which their parents divorced yet stayed close to raise the children. It doesn’t see happiness as antithetical to reality.

Maybe this is why a world of airbrushed perfection is not part of their aesthetic. “It’s not so much idealized—there seems to be more emotional resonance.

Using paper, she designed a prototype for the kind of bag she herself wanted to carry but could never find: good-natured, ladylike, with echoes of Mom’s mid-century, short-handled bag (the kind that could stand up on its own), but stripped of decorative busyness on the outside, pared down to a sculpted stroke of color or patterned fabric.

It was so pared down that Kate took the label from the inside and stitched it to the outside—so the eye would have a place to go.

The next few years were the proverbial Living Together/Making Your Way in the Big City years. You can look at everything in a new context, and make it into something new.”By the time the two were nearing 30, around 1991, Kate had risen to senior fashion editor in charge of accessories at and she began to wonder, “So then what is there? It was just to try something, and if anything we’d learn a lot, and if it didn’t work out we’d go back and figure out something else.”“We had thought advertising,” Kate says, “and I would be on the account side.

Sometimes the ads don’t even show a product, as if to say life is more important than objects.“They always add some kind of detail that fixates you, aside from what they’re pushing,” says writer and fashion consultant Brenda Cullerton.