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07-Mar-2020 22:33

Sure, there's been times when feathers were ruffled, but we all come back to what's most important, and for us that's to stay tight as a family."Kahne's sister, Shanon Adams, echoes her father's sentiments."Family has always been Kasey's priority," Adams said.

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They're constantly asking to go hang out with uncle Kasey."Kahne, by nature, is a very private man.It's a lesson Kasey learned from his parents, Kelly and Tammy Kahne, who exposed him to other sports and interests before he committed fully to motorsports."One of the coolest things I remember with my parents, is they always wanted me to play sports," Kahne said."That was big to them, me playing baseball and basketball.But Rodden is a disciple of Francis, and one of Kahne's closest friends.