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11-Mar-2020 00:32

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It’s an exploitation of our community, which is why there’s certain misconceptions and perceptions of LGBTQ and it’s false.I hope to be one of the voices as well with my girlfriend, where we can break that because in reality shows, it just seems to have become a joke or a gimmick.It only determined that I just needed to be more aware of the type of man I date.

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So I asked, ‘is this going to be one of those things where I’m going to have to get ax and beat the hell out of my car and say it’s my Dad’s fault?[laughs] She learned by Google and the commercial for this show.My mother knows but she’s been in denial but I need to live my life. Where we’re at now with reality shows now it seems like everyone is gay for pay and a gimmick.I’ve always felt safe with a woman.”So far on the show, Somaya has been on a date with a woman and in previews, she is kissing another female cast member, model Jessica White, in a hot tub.

Out bisexual singer Aubrey O’Day is also on the show, and the series’ relationship counselor is an out lesbian: Dr. While the uber-feminine Somaya was single at the time of shooting the reality series on E!I’ve never had a full blown, like, “You’re blowing my mind” moment with a man. There’s a huge difference but in the end, this is where my preference has been and it’s been difficult for me to talk about due to my family.SR: My mother knows because she’s learned how to Google.“Details as to what CAUSED the beef is coming to light.